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10 Interesting Facts about Yorkshire Puddings!

The long history of the Yorkshire Pudding has thrown up some fascinating facts:

  1. The first recorded recipe was in 1737 when it was called "A Dripping Pudding"
  2. Ten years later it was re-written by Hannah Glass, the Delia Smith of her day and it became known throughout the nation.
  3. Mrs Beetons recipe in 1866 was rubbish, Yorkshire folk blamed her southern roots!
  4. The main purpose of the pudding was to fill people up before the main meal, especially the kids. "Them that eat most pudding gets most meat"
  5. The main ingredients of a pudding are flour, eggs and milk, though the most important thing is hot fat and a red hot oven.
  6. In 1970, a cooking competition was held in Leeds. The winner was a chef from Hong Kong. He claimed his secret ingredient was "Tai luck" it didn't exist!
  7. Due to busy workloads, less people were making them, so in 1995, the first "commercial" frozen pudding was available.
  8. In 2007 a campaign was started to give the pudding protected status for it's Yorkshire roots.
  9. In 2010 it was voted the most popular and successful thing to come out of Yorkshire.
  10. 2010 also saw the revival of the cooking competition. One of the judges was Hollywood actor Mark Addy.

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